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About Us

ETE Academy was established to provide in-demand skills training and professional upgrading programmes that cater to the specific needs of Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians or PMETs, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as well as corporate organizations.

Our panel of certified trainers comprises industry veterans who are highly skilled in imparting real world business know-how and knowledge through the delivery of tailor-made interactions and learning experiences. We adopt a hands-on, minds-on, and market-based experiential approach to business education that is designed to equip learners with practical and analytical skills to meet challenges from a realistic business as well as market perspective.

We work with every learner and organization at the fundamental level, by identifying important issues and critical areas, challenging and equipping people to find answers, empowering them to challenge conventional wisdom, and enhancing their capacities so that they can create new resources that will help shape the future world of business.

Our Slogan

Educate to Elevate

Our Vision

To be the leading model in continuous learning lifestyle in an ever-changing world. To be an inclusive community that embraces the values of renewal, improvement, discipline, creativity, and the pursuit of the fulfilling life.  To inspire our learners who journey together with us to embrace their work and life experience as a never-ending learning process that leads to greater good for self, organization, and the community.

Our Mission

To reach out, to connect, to equip, to invest in an ever-improving learning eco-system where every component complements and helps another. To enhance the capacity of each and every individual learner so that they can create precious resources for themselves and for others to continue to grow and to find strength and freedom to pursue greater endeavors in life and to fulfil their full potential.